Powerex Oil-Free Air Compressors



With a foundation on engineering, innovation, quality and service, Powerex has become the leader in both air and vacuum systems. Since 1988, they’ve been utilizing their in-house engineering team to design customized systems to meet your needs.


What are the benefits of an oil-less compressor?

  • Extremely reliable
  • 100% oil-free
  • No contamination of products or equipment
  • Environmentally friendly – no oil drains into sewer
  • Less filtration required
  • Less maintenance – no oil changes or oil water separators!

Oil-Free Pump Technology

Oilless scroll

Oilless Recip


Oil-Less Scroll

  • Tank-mounted and sound enclosed systems
  • 3-60hp
  • 116-145 PSI
  • 9-187 SCFM

 Oil-Less Reciprocating Piston

  • Tank-mounted systems
  • 1.5-20hp
  • 145 PSI
  • 3-90 SCFM


Powerex 100% Oil-Free Compressed Air Systems ensure critical applications will never see contamination from oil.

To learn more about oil-free systems, contact our Sales department or call (866) 413-8077.