Ingersoll Rand is a world class producer of air filtration products. With a wide variety of product offerings, Ingersoll Rand‘s air filters provide superior air quality to almost every compressed air application in the industry.

Pressure drops account for over three-quarters of the ownership cost of a compressed air filter.

Pressure Drops

The F Series Filter helps reduce contamination in your air stream and protect critical processes and valuable equipment.  They will provide you years of high quality air.

  • Patented dual indicatorair-driven-filters-5703-5522379
  • All-aluminum, precision die cast body
  • Filter element with stainless steel mesh
  • Time strip label
  • Industrial-grade brass float drain
  • Deep-pleated filter media
  • High-efficiency drainage layer

The High Volume Compressed Air Filters are engineered to assure years of reliable performance and consistent high quality air.High Volume Filter

  • Low pressure drop
  • Top-load design
  • Four filtration grades
  • 3 color differential pressure gauge

Standard Cast & Fabricated Filters have a low pressure drop design, no touchStandard filter element replacement, low energy consumption and threaded & flanged connections.  The same benefits can be said for the NL Modules, except they are on a larger scale.NL Module  Both will provide quality air for many years.


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