Vacuum Pump Solutions

Many applications call for a piece of equipment known as a vacuum pump. For instance, in the cheese making process, vacuum pumps are used to pull out excess whey and air that is trapped during the pressing process. It helps cool the cheese and cure more evenly. This equipment would also be necessary in the vacuum wrapping process. Another example of where the vacuum pump is used – soil and ground water remediation. With so many hazardous waste sites all over the world, vacuum pumps are used to remove the contaminants from the groundwater and soil.

Other Common Industries Where Vacuum Pumps are Found:

  • Beverage – bottle filling and water degassing
  • Carpet – vacuum dewatering and drying
  • Dental – oral suction units
  • Canning & Bottling – vacuum pick-up and canning
  • Hospitals – medical vacuum systems
  • Mining – vacuum filtration
  • Pharmaceutical – solvent recovery, bottle filling, maintain vacuum on dryers and reactors for central laboratory systems
  • Sewage Treatment – filtration and methane gas digester compressors
  • Textile – vacuum dewatering and drying
  • Tobacco – sterilization, drying and packaging
  • Wire Manufacturing – maintain vacuum on extruders for plastic coating

vmax-dekker-vacuum-pumpProven to be the most reliable name in vacuum pump systems is Dekker Vacuum Technologies. The most popular system used with Ingersoll Rand air compressor systems would be the Dekker Vmax closed-loop oil-sealed liquid ring vacuum pump system. The Vmax system includes a temperature control valve, inlet filter, vacuum relief valve, and control panel. It has a capacity from 35-5,000CFM in both air-cooled and water-cooled designs with optional variable frequency drive for lower power consumption.


  • The only system on the market with a full 3-year warranty
  • Patented, high efficiency DX-5 separator eliminates oil carry-over concerns
  • Rugged, high-quality, industrial system offering years of trouble free operation
  • Extended life seal-fluid is not used as a lubricant. You’ll see 10,000 hours of continuous operation!
  • Extremely low operating noise level makes it desirable in any workplace
  • Carry-over of soft solids and/or minimal amounts of liquid does not cause damage to internal parts
  • Air-cooled design, no cooling water is required, resulting in substantial savings

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