Five Hidden Compressor Problems

5-hiddencompressor-problemsYour facility relies heavily on your air compressor, it’s as valuable to you as electricity or water.  If your compressor shuts down, it means trouble.

In this list are five things you can pay attention to regularly to make sure your compressor is functioning at its most efficient. Some of these will seem obvious, others, not so much.

  1. Just like your car, the oil and filters in an air compressor must be changed regularly. Check the compressor’s manual for the exact requirements. The fact it many compressors operate in dusty, grimy conditions.  Dust and dirt shortens the life of your elements, bearings and the parts that prevent oil from getting into the air that your compressor is putting out. If the oil separator fails, all that oil will end up in your system and just think about the cost of cleaning that up
  2. Air compressors are highly susceptible to over-heating. Compressed air can generate a ton of heat and all that hot air has to be removed. If your compressor is running at or near the warning temperature for even a little bit of time, it can cause damage to your system. Keep a close eye on the operating temperature. High temps will damage your compressor over a period of time, so identifying a temperature problem early is critical.
  3. Water in your system. We talk about this a lot for a reason. Water is the enemy of any air compressor and you simply have to monitor your dryers and condensate drains. Water can damage your compressor, your tools and your product in addition to rusting away the pipe components of your compressed air system.  Imagine the cost if any or all of that takes place. Check for moisture in your system regularly.
  4. Little leaks in your compressed air system couldn’t cause that much trouble, could they? Look at it this way- one tiny leak, say 1/8 of an inch can lose 37 cfm. That’s 13 million cubic feet per year, or roughly $2,000 off your bottom line depending on your electricity rates.  For just one leak.  Many facilities have more than one tiny leak. Fix leaks when you find them!
  5. Finally, do not set your unit higher than you really need. Compressing air to a higher pressure than necessary wastes energy and costs you money as well. Clean your filters and change them when required, this can help your compressor run at the perfect pressure.

Questions about any of this?  Contact us- we’ve seen just about everything and have chased down problems in facilities just like yours.  Chances are, we can save you  money.

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