Fixing your air compressor

fixing-your-compressorUnder proper maintenance and in a perfect world, your air compressor will last a good long time, but since the world we live in is far from perfect, stuff happens and occasionally your air compressor will develop an issue. So, what can YOU do if your compressor malfunctions?

The umbrella statement over this entire post is- we are always there for you. You can ALWAYS call us when something happens, or before or after, and we’ll do everything we can do keep you running or get you back up and running- with as little down time as possible.

When you call, we’ll determine just what your problem may be and is our service providers need to make a “house call” or if we can assist you over the phone.

During normal working hours we’re always here to help and can address your problem right away. After hours, you can contact us through our 800 number (866-413-8077) and we’ll get back to you, always, within 30 minutes of your initial call.

If your compressor trouble is a little more involved and your unit will be down for a period of time, we have a fleet of rental equipment to temporarily replace your unit while it’s not feeling well.

Like everything, some things are more expensive than others.  Repairs range in price, but generally the most expensive repairs involve the “drive train” of the compressor, motor failure and cooler repairs.  The good news is these just don’t pop up that often.

When you purchase an air compressor from us, it comes with a One-Year Warranty that covers all the components, but with a new service plan on new installations most of the components carry a 5-year warranty.

We know it can get complicated. As always, if you have questions we’ve got the people who can not only answer your questions but can spring into action if your compressor malfunctions.

About Michael McCulloh

Michael McCulloh

Michael McCulloh has been in the air compressor industry for 17 years and in the Industrial Market for over 20 years. He has worked with the Compressed Air Auditing Group and several compressed air Manufacturers Distribution Channels before coming to Air Components. Michael consults with clients to educate them on the best practices for compressed air systems, helps design new and existing systems to improve efficiency and reliability, and manages facilities aftermarket needs.If you have more questions or would like to work with Michael, you can reach him at