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There are probably small levels of corrosive gases in the air at all facilities that utilize compressed air equipment.  Those gases can become more concentrated once the air is compressed causing corrosion.  Corrosion is devastating to air compressors and leads to early failures, decreased efficiency and costly repairs.  A few industries that are at higher risk of harsh airborne contaminants are:

  • Food Processing PlantsCentac-C800
  • Pulp & Paper Mills
  • Chemical Plant
  • Gas & oil Refineries
  • Fertilizer Manufacturing
  • Wastewater/Sewage Treatment
  • Textile Manufacturing
  • Plastic Manufacturing
  • Power Generation, and much more…

Impact of Harsh Environments on Air Compressors

Centrifugal Compressors

Rotary Compressors

Build-up damages and increases vibration levelsDamage to rotors, bearings, shaft seals, casings
Decreased efficiency from reduced intercooler heat transferSeparator failure from sludge
Premature cooler tube deteriorationMalfunctioning condensate traps
In-line accessory failuresIn-line accessory failures

What can you do to prevent corrosion damage?  Contact our sales department to talk to an account representative for the best solution for your facility.

**Don’t forget!**

44th Turbo Machinery Symposium is from September 14th to September 17th in Houston, Texas.  Check out Ingersoll Rand’s booth #1743 for the latest advancements in Centac and TURBO-AIR lines of compression equipment.

The Benefits of Filtration


Without filtration, even with relatively low oil carry over of only 3 ppmw the compressor would contaminate the downstream process with over 7 gallons of oil every year.


In this application, adding a coalescing filter will reduce the amount of oil contamination by more than 99.99%.

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