Hidden Costs and What You Can do to Avoid (some of) Them

Like any major purchase, there are costs associated with the item you’ve bought- some are hidden, some are in the open, and some can’t be predicted.

The same is absolutely true with the purchase and installation of a new industrial air compressor system. We’re going to make sure you’re aware of some of the hidden costs, and can estimate what the other costs might be.

You can plan on 15% of the cost of the system for installation, depreciation and insurance. Earmark 20% of the operating cost per year for inspection, maintenance and repair.

Your compressor, no matter how it’s powered, will require roughly 65% of the operating cost for energy and demand of day-to-day system operation.

As for the cost of the actual air- about two cents per 100 cfm. So (our technicians can help you through this math) a 10 hp compressor running at 35 cfm would cost approximately $3,600 per year.

If the quality of your compressed air drops (due to a malfunction or poor maintenance) you can count on the cost of any repair or replacement, and add to it the cost of downtime.  That is a cost that only you can estimate but from our experience, downtime is the most expensive part of the equation.

A good technician will ensure that the compressor you’re acquiring is big enough for the job at hand well before it is installed. Plan for the length of the pipe run and any 90-degree elbow joints as they diminish the pressure coming from the compressor and that must be accounted for.

Then there are leaks.  Even the tiniest leak can drain pressure over time, and the longer that leak is in business, the more it costs you. Leaks should be located and repaired as quickly as possible.

 We can help you with all of this- let our technicians walk you through all the costs and make sure you’re prepared for anything.

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