Understanding Inline Filtration

The compressed air your system kicks out to keep your facility running should be – depending on your use – as free from particulates and oils as it can be.  To make this happen, you will need some sort of inline filtration.

The good news is you can locate these filters just about anywhere in your facility, even between locations in your pipe system. Most commonly, inline filters are located immediately after the compressor, before and after a dryer, just before a drop, or about any other location that makes sense for your facility and its’ needs.

Of course, the more attention you pay to filtering the compressed air before is enters the piping, the better. You may even be able to eliminate any filtration at the point-of-use if you sufficiently remove particles earlier in your system.

There are different types of inline filtration:

2-in-1 – These filters are super-effective and can remove particles and oil droplets as small as one micron.  Filled with activated carbon, these are perfect for use in-line before a dessicant dryer.

Coalescing – Mostly used either before or after a compressed air dryer (depending on specific type of filter) coalescing filters can also remove particles as small as one micron. They operate best when placed at the highest pressure point, and the lowest temperature point in your system. They trap oil and water droplets, combining them as they move downward (coalescing) and out the base of the filter.

Carbon – Used to remove mists and vapors, these filters are found in many facilities in the food and pharmaceutical industry.

Depending on the use and the workload of your inline filters, the industry standard for replacement is roughly once a year (or 8,000 hours of operation).

You may have questions about your inline filtration, and if you are installing a system it’s definitely something you should consider throughout your facility.  Ask our experts and technicians questions, this is why we’re here at (866) 413-8077!

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