What to know about air compressor piping

One of the most important parts of your air compressor operation- the system with your air compressor system, if you will- is the piping.  It’s literally the delivery mechanism, taking the compressed air where you need it, when you need it, in hopefully the exact amount of pressure you need.

But that’s where, sometimes, your piping system can let you down.

Particularly in older systems, the piping tends to be too small for the air flow the facility needs. Undersized piping diminishes the air power that the compressor itself is putting out, causing your compressor to run harder and longer than it needs to- and that costs you money.

Having the right-sized pipes and design in your delivery system absolutely matters and may be the most important decision you make when you’re installing a new compressor unit.

If there is a silver lining, it’s the fact that there really is no such thing as pipes that are “too big” for your system.  It’s only when pipes are too small to adequately deliver the pressure you need that you run into trouble.

Furthermore- and here’s where it gets a little more confusing- there’s not much of a difference in the pressure delivered through a 2-inch pipe compared to a 3-inch pipe.

A mis-matched pipe system is really just the result of an installer not paying attention. Determining the correct pipe size for your compressor and system involves a little math and there are charts and graphs that can walk you through the process.

The good news here is that you are absolutely not alone.  Our technicians and installers are well-versed in the process and we can promise you the correct pipes for your needs, saving your heartache and money in the long run.

If you believe your pipes may be sized incorrectly, or if you have a big install coming and need to make sure your installing the correct piping, reach out to our experts.  This is why we’re here.



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