What to Know About Compressor Room Ventilation

There are two truths about air compressors.  One: you probably can’t operate your facility without it, and two: it generates heat.  A lot of it.

Heat is the mortal enemy of an air compressor and it must be dealt with or it can cause plenty of problems- from reliability to performance and heat can even compromise the longevity of your compressor.

If the heat generated by a compressor system is allowed to linger, that’s where the trouble begins.  There are a number of ways to deal with the heat- let’s start with making sure the room is cooled.

Locating the air compressor in a temperature-controlled room can alleviate any heat-related issues you might have.  Keep that room cooled and you’re in great shape.

If you can’t locate your compressor in a temperature-controlled environment, you still have options.

You can ventilate that heat right out of that room by building ductwork that can remove the air as it’s created (or pump cold air in, even) and siphon it out of the building where it can harmlessly dissipate.  Even better- if you work in a cold environment you can use that heat generated by your compressor to raise the temperature in other parts of your facility.

There are internal methods that can help cool the compressor- but nothing works quite like controlling the environment around your system.

Keeping the compressor cool helps generate a higher cfm output and- added bonus- cold air contains less moisture and we’ve written thousands of words about how much damage water can do to your system.  Cold air has a lower dew point and keeping your unit moisture-free is a priority.


Questions? Send them our way, we can help you manage the heat around your air compressor and keep your system and your facility humming along.

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