Medical Grade Compressed Air

Pop quiz: what is the only pharmaceutical drug actually manufactured in hospitals and health care facilities?

Answer: Medical grade compressed air.

Medical air is used in just about every area of a hospital and is administered to patients who need inhaled medications and anesthesia, while patients are under anesthesia, for treatment of respiratory conditions, and to power ventilators.

Some facilities rely on tanks of compressed air to supply medical grade oxygen, but many have their own compressors on site and pipe air into their rooms.

Medical grade air is similar to the air we regularly breathe, comprised of 78% nitrogen and 21% oxygen.

Primarily, medical air is used in intensive care units.

Clearly, medical grade air has some very specific requirements.  It must be particle-free and clean and has a higher standard for air quality than any other industry. Compressors must be oil-free to rule out air contamination.

Four categories of air have been specified for medical facilities, ranging from if an interruption could cause harm to a patient… to zero impact on patient care in the event of downtime.

Filtration is a necessity, of course, and hospital and medical compressor require particle-free air. Most compressors in these environments use multiple filters. All piping downstream of the compressors must be cleaned and specially-rated for medical oxygen service.

As in any compressor system, moisture is the enemy, but in a hospital, it’s especially threatening.

Water breeds microorganisms, and you don’t have to be a doctor to know that’s a bad thing in a health care facility. Delivering 100% dry air greatly reduced the chance someone with a compromised immune system will be exposed to something they can’t handle.

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