Why do I have moisture in my compressed air system?

An explanation… Moisture is always present in the atmosphere.  As compressed air cools past the saturation point, water vapor will condense into liquid water.  Think of your compressor as a rain maker.  The problem with that is moisture in your compressor system can cause damage to your equipment and that means slower production at your facility.  Systems operating with clean, dry air function more efficiently.

Features to help remove condensate – aftercooler, moisture separator, and drains

Compressed air systems do contain features to help remove moisture.  The aftercooler, moisture separator, and condensate drains are all important in the moisture removal process. Air leaving the aftercooler is normally 100% saturated and must be kept clean to insure proper cooling.  As the compressed air cools, condensation occurs.  The moisture separator and condensate drains work to rid the system of the liquid water – keep them unclogged or moisture will run down the production line!Cycling Dryer

You will also want to add a dryer.  There are different types of dryers and other considerations to make when selecting one.  The most common types are refrigerated and desiccant.  It is important to consult a professional to help guide you through the selection process.

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Mike Statile

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