Do I need a backup air compressor?

backOne is the loneliest number- and if that one is the only air compressor your facility is relying on, it’s the most expensive number, too.

If you only have one compressor and no backup, a catastrophic failure can cost you in production time and on your bottom line.

Think of it as an insurance policy- your main compressor has a lot of responsibility but a lot of things can go wrong.  Even a short interruption can have an adverse effect on your business, so spending the extra money on a backup makes sense in the long run.

Even if there’s ultimately nothing wrong with your main compressor, it’s going to need routine maintenance and checkups that can interrupt service. Having a backup means you don’t have to shut down the operation while your main unit gets a checkup. It even eliminates the need for a rental, and the downtime involved in getting and installing that unit.

“But,” you’re saying right now, “I paid a lot of money for my main unit.  Getting another one as a backup makes no sense!”

It absolutely does make sense if you take into account the money you would lose in a compressor-related shutdown- and keep in mind that your backup doesn’t necessarily have to be identical to your main compressor. It just needs to provide enough air for you to get by temporarily.

You may also consider employing several smaller compressors rather than one large compressor- this saves energy, you still get the air supply you need, and having one extra smaller compressor just in case suddenly becomes more affordable.  Even better- distributing your workload over several smaller compressors will likely reduce the chance of a failure.

There’s a lot to think about here. Give our experts a call and we can walk you through the decision-making- to ensure you are making the right call for your facility, and your budget.

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