New Year , Old (or New) Compressor Inspection

It’s a new year, and while everyone is rededicating themselves to fitness, or diet, or professional goals – let’s rededicate ourselves to making sure your air compressor keeps ticking, shall we?

We’re sure you’re conducting daily maintenance checks (right?) but since you rely on your compressor – heavily – let’s take a little extra effort to make sure all is in order in the new year.

If your compressor relies on oil for lubrication, we’ll start with the oil levels. Check your manufacturer’s specifications and if it’s time, change the oil in your system. At least, check the oil for dirt and debris and give the filters a once-over as well.  Do not hesitate to change any item that needs replacing.

Change oil filters as we mentioned, but give your air filters a look as well.  Change any filters that look ragged, and clean any filter that is just dirty but not quite ready for a change.

Check your entire system for leaks. We’ve established that even the smallest leaks, over time, can cost your operation a boatload of money.  Tend to any leaks in your hoses (replace hoses as needed) and pay special attention to couplings and valves.

Vibrations and regular operations of your compressor unit can loosen bolts and other fasteners.  Take some time to examine and tighten anything that may be working itself loose.  Sometimes vibration cracks plates and bolts as well, so be prepared to replace as needed.

Monitor the hours your compressor has been in use.  Is it due for anything regular maintenance based on the manufacturer’s specifications?  Is it close?  Make a note of anything that’s coming up and go ahead and conduct any maintenance that is necessary.

Unlike us, your compressor doesn’t need to rededicate itself to its performance in the new year, but you do.  Make sure you renew your efforts to monitor your compressor and aren’t taking it for granted.

Questions? We can help, call (866) 413-8077. Our experts want your compressor to work for you well beyond 2018, and this new year checklist can help. Email and we’ll send you more information on inspections.

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