Anywhere from 20% to 60% of the energy used to operate compressed air systems is wasted! This is primarily due to operating more compressors than necessary, operating the wrong combination of compressors or maintaining elevated system pressures.

X Series Automation

X4I |  X8I |  X12I |  Visualization (VX)

Automation for positive displacement compressors
Up to 12 compressors plus system equipment
Basic and advanced control

  • Manages multiple positive displacement compressors simultaneously
  • Choose from basic, advanced, and advanced expanded controls

Centrifugal System Automation

Air System Controller (ASC) |  Air System Manager

Standard Ingersoll Rand and custom integration
Up to 16 compressors plus system equipment
Basic and advanced control

  • Real time based sequence and schedule programming
  • System equipment integration and information management
  • Event logs
  • Remote communications

Flow and Pressure Control

IntelliFlow |  PacE

Electronic and pneumatic control
0.5 – 8 in (13 – 200 mm)
40 – 15,900 cfm (1.1 – 450 m3/min)

  • Optimize production air control and energy usage
  • Eliminate compressor rapid cycling
  • Less air consumption
  • Mounted digital controller
  • Taps and gages for system audit instrumentation