Planning Ahead for Compressed Air Systems

If you are in the market for a new air compressor system, we’d like you to think about two key words: plan ahead.

In this case, “plan ahead” actually means three different things.

For starters, think about your capacity, what you will be asking your air compressor to do.  Then, get out your crystal ball and try to imagine what you might be asking it to do in the months or years ahead. Will you be expanding?  Adding square feet to your facility?  Adding personnel or work stations?  Any one of those things can affect the performance of an existing air compressor system and you will want to know just what you will need to do to have room for any growth.  Have a plan drawn up to expand your compressor capacity, storage and piping if necessary.

Secondly, what happens if your air compressor fails? Generally, air compressors are very reliable but things do happen and what will you do if your unit breaks down for an extended period of time?  Our technicians and experts will work with you to draw up a plan that might include everything from larger tanks to replacement or rental units that will prevent your compressor system from being inoperative for spell.

Finally- plan ahead when you actually order your compressor. Depending on your order- the type, size and features of the unit- your air compressor could take some time to get to you once you’ve made an order.  Remember, the larger the compressor and added options on the unit you have ordered, the longer it will take to get to your facility.

Plan for these lead times:

Small Reciprocating- 3-7 business days

Small Rotary- 5-10 business days

Medium Rotary- 10-15 business days

Large Rotary- 6 weeks

Oil-Free Rotary- 6-8 weeks

Centrifugal- 8 weeks or more

This lead time for the most part does not include transit- so add a few days to the above numbers and make sure you’re not in a huge hurry once you have ordered your air compressor.

As always, our experts can walk you through the process and make sure that you are never without the compressed air that makes your facility operate so smoothly. Call us at (866) 413-8077.

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