The process of picking an air compressor

You’ve identified a need.  Your current air compressor system isn’t getting the job done and you need a new one. Coincidentally, this is what we do best.

Many of our new customers have questions about the process and often those questions start with “what do I do now?”  Once you call us it sets a chain of events into motion that ends with you and a new air compressor system.

Our sales engineers will ask you questions about your current system and your compressed air needs. We’ll conduct a week-long compressed air study and pinpoint the exact amount of compressed air your facility needs and how to best scale up from there.

Once you place your order, delivery can take place immediately (if the unit is in stock) or up to 20 business days- depending on the equipment you need. There should be no down time between your order and delivery if your current system is operational. If it’s not, we can connect a temporary compressor into your system to keep you from having any expensive down time.

Once we’re ready to install, we do it with an eye on your production time.  We know that downtime equals money out the door and we work with you to minimize that downtime during the installation. Maybe your plant doesn’t operate on the weekends- our installers LOVE to work on weekends and we’ll get it done while you were shut down anyway. If your plant runs 24/7/365 we can make that work, too. We can usually install valves quickly and get your plant up and running again in no time.

Of course, every installation is different and we will work closely with you and your team to make the installation happen as quickly as possible.

Once the installation is complete, our factory-trained service technicians will come to your plant for the initial start-up of your system and check all the connections and make sure everything is in order. The technicians will set your parameters and share the basics to keep your facility humming along.

 Follow-up visits in the weeks that follow continue and we’re right by your side every step of the way.

This is what we do. If you have questions or are ready to purchase a new system, contact us and we’ll get you installed and running in the shortest time possible.

About Brad Bost

Brad Bost

Brad Bost has several years experience in the Compressor industry with Air Components. To expand his knowledge and help his customers even more, Brad has been through rotary and parts training with Ingersoll Rand. As an account manager, he makes sure customers compressed air system works as efficiently as possible through understanding utilization of their compressed air and conducting audits.If you have more questions or would like to work with Brad, you can reach him at