What to Know About Receiver Tanks

Like every piece of potentially dangerous equipment in your facility, your air compressor receiver must be regularly inspected for safety and operational concerns.

Even though it just stands there, dutifully holding onto compressed air until it is needed, your compressor receiving tank has its own set of dangers.  For starters, it’s filled with compressed air – and if the PSI exceeds its limit… we don’t have to tell you what that result is.  It’s like having a giant bomb in your facility.

For just that reason, the maximum allowable working pressure of your tank should NEVER be exceeded by more than 10%, unless it is undergoing testing by a certified engineer. You should ONLY use tested and approved tanks as compressed air receivers.  As talented as your fabricators may be, do not ask them to build you a receiving tank.

Your tanks should include inspection openings, and any tank more than 36 inches in diameter should have a manhole.

In the same vein as above, do not allow your fabricators to modify your tanks in any way.  Alterations could compromise the integrity of the tank and result in (at best) leaks and (at worst) a catastrophic failure.

Tanks should include a drain at the bottom of the receiver. That drain should be checked regularly for functionality and obstructions.

Place your tanks in a position where they can be externally inspected easily. Do not bury your receiving tanks.

Your receivers should be equipped with at least one pressure gauge, and an ASME certified safety valve.

A spring-loaded release valve should be installed to prevent your tank from reaching or exceeding the maximum working pressure.  Follow the manufacturer’s specifications to determine what the maximum pressure is.

As for repairs – only qualified, trained personnel should be allowed to work on your receiver tank.

There are a lot of rules and regulations involved with air compressors and receivers.  Our experts and technicians are well-versed in all of these requirements and can help get your facility in compliance.  Contact us if you have any questions.

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