Regulating Compressed Air

Being in control of the compressed air that moves through your facility is critical to your operation, and in the long run can save you money and time. Implementing an air regulator downstream of your storage tank can help your facility run more smoothly and efficiently.

Simply put, a regulator controls the pressure coming from the compressor in all, or part of, a compressed air system. For example, if an air compressor unit is set to generate air at 150 PSI, a regulator positioned just downstream can be set to provide the entire system with 120 PSI (sufficient pressure to operate tools, machinery, etc.).

But in this hypothetical situation – let’s say you have another area of your facility that operates at 100 PSI. Another regulator can be set in place to control the flow of air to only that piece of equipment.

It may go without saying, but regulators are generally unidirectional, they only allow air flow in one direction- out into your facility.

Regulators can also only lower pressure, they cannot magically increase pressure to your facility. The good news here is you can set the regulator to provide the necessary PSI.

Without a regulator, compressed air systems are susceptible to “pulses” of air. This occurs when your air compressor cycles on and pressure starts building in the tank and in the lines. This increase in pressure can cause a “pulse” throughout your plant and that can cause trouble.

Implementing a regulator controls what happens upstream of itself. Meaning no matter how often or how much the pressure behind it changes, a constant PSI is allowed to pass through the regulator into your facility- eliminating pulses and other irregularities.

Consider a regulator at every application in your operation. Setting a regulator to the lowest functioning level of each application keeps your costs down by limiting the number of times your compressor has to generate air.

Questions about regulating the flow of air in your plant? Our experts know everything and can find the best configuration for your facility.

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