Should you repair or replace your air compressor?

Your air compressor system has been humming along, faithfully supplying your facility with the fuel on which it runs for a long time, but now, you’re noticing little indications that she may be running out of steam.  How do you know if your air compressor just needs a few repairs, or if it’s time to say goodbye?

Of course, repair is cheaper in the short-term than replace. Then again, having to constantly repair your system can be costly over time and a shut-down for any reason can get expensive.

So, here are some things to consider before you decide between repair and replace.

Consider the age of your current compressor, it’s history of reliability and its efficiency.  Newer models may offer enough of an advantage in efficiency to make it worth making the switch, and if you’ve had the current unit repaired repeatedly a new unit may simply be more reliable.

Replace your compressor if it has, in fact, broken down repeatedly over the years. It’s not going to change that habit overnight.

New models are going to save you energy costs compared to the old one, period.  In terms of energy savings, a new compressor is the economical choice every time.

Replacing parts in your aging compressor may be getting more difficult, and if it is breaking down frequently, it may be time to consider a new unit.

Then there’s what you are asking your old reliable unit to do.  Maybe it’s just not up to the task of supplying your growing facility with the compressed air it requires.  Upgrading to larger capacity unit may be the right thing for this reason alone.

Of course, if your compressor is still relatively new, think repair first.

It’s a critical determination, repair or replace, and you shouldn’t take it lightly.  Consult with our experts and technicians at (866) 314-8077 and they can help you weigh all the factors before you make this important decision.

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