Air Compressor Service and Repair

During our 30-year history, we have found that professionally maintained compressed air equipment is more reliable and costs less to maintain in the long run.

Air Components & Systems has a team of 25 service professionals maintaining air compressors and compressed air equipment in Charlotte, Asheville, Knoxville and the surrounding areas. Read more about our dedicated staff here. 

Key Service Territories

To keep equipment operating at peak conditions we perform the following:

  • Oil Analysis Trending – This provides diagnostic information on the compressors health.
  • Vibration Diagnostic Tools – Allow us to spot issues prior to failure of the compressor motor and airend
  • Computer Diagnostic Tools – Provide more effective troubleshooting
  • Infrared Thermography – Pinpoints electrical concerns before they become an issue
  • Compressed Air System Analysis – Help us measure system demand and dew point
  • 47 Point Inspection Sheet completed after each service

Air Components & Systems takes work place safety very seriously. We will honor any safety standards set by the customer not already practiced by our service team. Our service professionals abide by the following safety standards:

  • OSHA 10 Hour Training
  • NFPA 70E Arc Flash Training
  • Level II Arc Flash Clothing and Proper Safety Equipment allow us to work in live panels
  • Safety Shoes, Safety Glasses and Ear Protection are required

Air Components & Systems maintains a trailer mounted rental fleet ready for immediate installation.

Large stock of OEM parts and equipment to ensure maximum system dependability.  If Air Components & Systems does not have the part in stock, we will dispatch a technician to Ingersoll-Rand’s 300,000 Square feet Parts Distribution Center located in Huntersville, North Carolina.  Parts are available any time of day, any day of the year.

We help prevent costly unplanned outages with our value-added maintenance programs:


ThAA Logo2e Air Assurance agreement covers the heart and soul of your rotary screw air compressor, the airend.



plannedcarePlannedCare provides 5 year or 10 year extended warranty protection for new rotary compressors, through preventative maintenance and the use of original Ingersoll Rand parts.


PackageCare Logo

The PackageCare service agreement is designed to help you get the most out of your investment.  We perform preventative maintenance and replace parts before you run into costly downtime.





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