The Filtration Notation

Compressed Air Filtration

There is a common misconception among some air compressor owners that the process of taking in and compressing air removes dirt and dust all by itself.

This is just not true and adhering to that thinking leaves a mess which can affect the operation of your unit.

The cure involves keeping your compressor clean and running efficiently with the correct filters – depending on your compressor, your usage, and what quality air your compressor is producing.

The filters put into use by an air compressor system are simple.  Air travels in one side, passes through the filter material, and clean air is delivered through the other side.

Some filter housings just allow air to pass through, others manipulate the air at high speeds – agitating oil and other particles so they break up before they get to the filter.

As for the filters themselves, these are the most common types and how they might be used:

Carbon Filters involve absorption of particulates and other impurities, not unlike the filters you use in your home heating system.

Coalescing Filters involve a two-stage process, useful if you are dealing with fluid contaminants.  Coalescing filters trap moisture in an inner layer and separate it to be drained away from the compressed air.

Particulate Filters make use of netting, or a mesh that prevents dirt and grit from escaping but allows the cleaned air to pass through.  The filter can be sized specific to the application, down to the millionth of a meter.

Remember that a dirty filter will have an effect on the pressure your compressor achieves. Keeping your filters clean will prevent the filter from restricting the flow of air. Change your filter, or clean it, any time you notice a change of performance in your compressor.

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