When is it time to upgrade my air compressor?

It’s a good problem to have, when your business and your facility outgrows your air compressor. It means you’re successful and you’re growing!

So, how do you determine your air compressor is no longer operating efficiently as your facility and its compressed air demands grow?

Keep an eye on how often and how long your compressor runs.  If it is running longer and more often, it’s likely your facility’s needs are more than your current compressor can provide efficiently.

Consider, too, what type of facility you are operating? If you are in need of a constant supply of air (lots of pneumatic tools, grinding, sandblasting) you may consider expanding to a rotary compressor- but be aware that rotary compressors are more affected by extreme temperatures because they are cooled internally- they should be located in a temperature-controlled room between 40 and 100 degrees F.

Rotary compressors have an advantage for a larger facility because they can also be controlled- you can dictate how much air your compressor produces depending on the needs of your facility.

It is possible that a larger tank can, at least temporarily, help you manage your growth and your compressed air needs as well. A larger tank with a regulator can provide air at a consistent PSI and meet all your needs.

Avoiding the need to equip yourself with a larger compressor as you grow starts with buying the right compressor out of the gate. Think big early, and you’ll avoid a difficult and potentially costly decision down the road.

Your growing business, and the “problems” that come with it are manageable, and our experts can absolutely help you along the way.  From initial purchase to expansion, give us a shout and we’ll get you through the process unscathed.

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