Training Technicians on Compressed Air

You wouldn’t want someone who wasn’t trained to be elbows deep in your car’s engine, would you?

Then why would you let someone who wasn’t specifically trained to repair your air compressor dig in to your system?

No matter what type of air compressor system you have, no matter what brand, our technicians are trained to work on your unit- and even better, our technicians can train your techs to work on your system.

This not only helps your compressor system run at peak efficiency but it can also help your technicians pinpoint and identify more significant potential trouble spots that could result in a catastrophic shutdown that could cost you money.

Your specially-trained technicians will be able to call us and provide the specific information we need to diagnose and offer treatment suggestions for an ailing system- and eliminate trips to your facility by our own technicians- trips that could cost you extra.

As we’ve established in this very blog, regular maintenance on your air compressor system is critically important.  If your own technicians are trained to perform these regular maintenance tasks, ultimately, it saves you money by eliminating the need for our techs to perform this work.

A properly-trained technician will also be able to maintain the piping and tanks in your air compressor system, keep the system clean, and ensure that the system is properly lubricated.

We still recommend that ACS technicians visit periodically to monitor your system’s software and follow up on any issues- but for the most part once your technicians are trained, the well-being and regular maintenance of your system can safely rest in the qualified hands of your own people.

Give us a call at (866) 413-8077 and let our technicians work with your techs to make sure your air compressor system is covered on all sides.

About Trey Carter

Trey Carter

Trey has been with Air Components since 1999, selling and servicing air compressors since then. He now visits customer sites and assists in aftermarket sales and services. Trey can answer any of your compressor questions at