Two Common Air Compressor Issues

Your air compressor is a critical part of your facility and if it fails for any reason, your bottom line is affected.  Let’s take a look at two common air compressor issues you might experience and how you can treat the problem (potentially) yourself.

Air compressor is really loud.

Once you begin operating an air compressor every day, you get a sense of what it should sound like when it is running perfectly. You’ll also know when it’s in trouble if it doesn’t sound right.

Check for loose parts. Noises like banging and grinding are typically caused by something that has come loose. Tighten up and replace as necessary.

Take a look at the mounting, something may have come loose- tighten that up too, while we’re at it.

Finally, make sure your crankcase is properly lubricated, and replace the bearings if necessary.

Burning Through Oil

If your compressor is using up oil like it’s going out of style, this is a potentially serious problem but not one you can’t correct yourself.

Check for blockage at your air intake. Clean your filter thoroughly or replace it if it’s really dirty.

Look for oil leaks. Tighten bolts if necessary and replace worn gaskets.

Are you using the right oil?  Replace your oil if it’s incorrect.

These are just some of the issues you may find that can be addressed quickly and easily on your own.  For more, or if you have questions, check with our technicians at (866) 413-8077 – they’ve seen it all and can walk you through just about any trouble you might see.

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