Variable Speed Air Compressors

variable-speedSaving energy and money is on everyone’s mind, and when it comes to your compressed air system the best way to accomplish this may be a Variable Speed Compressor.

These compressors offer a lot of value when it comes to energy efficiency because you can control how much air they produce based on your usage. Other compressors lack that level of control; no matter how much air your facility requires- a little or a lot- it’s going to produce the same amount of compressed air no matter how much you need. That results in a lot of wasted energy and impacts your bottom line.

Again, Variable Speed Compressor allows you to manage how much air your unit produces based on how much you need.

Like every compressor, variable speed units require the same regular maintenance- but it is critically important to make sure the drive is clean and free of dust and debris so the unit can continue to operate at its peak. Anything that slows down the compressor or impedes its ability to perform can cause it to work harder than it needs to in providing the amount of air you require.

Confirming that the cooling processes in a variable speed unit are functioning properly is critical as well. Also check the electrical connections to make sure they are solid.

The benefits of a variable speed compressor are a positive, but be aware that they may not be appropriate in every workspace. If you work in a dirty, dusty environment the variable speed units just can’t keep up. All is not lost, though- you can implement large air receivers (tanks) and flow regulators in your existing compressors to help control the amount of air you are producing.

If you have questions, of course we can help.  An on-site consultation can help determine how much air you need and how much you are producing, and if a variable speed unit can indeed help you operate more efficiently and in the long run, save you money.

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Michael McCulloh

Michael McCulloh has been in the air compressor industry for 17 years and in the Industrial Market for over 20 years. He has worked with the Compressed Air Auditing Group and several compressed air Manufacturers Distribution Channels before coming to Air Components. Michael consults with clients to educate them on the best practices for compressed air systems, helps design new and existing systems to improve efficiency and reliability, and manages facilities aftermarket needs.If you have more questions or would like to work with Michael, you can reach him at