Unique Compressor Applications

When we say we’ve seen everything, we’re not exaggerating by much- and when we say we can handle just about anything clients throw at us- that’s no exaggeration.

For example- a client who builds equipment that functions at landfills and manages the natural gas created there- sends that equipment off to dumps across the United States. Their equipment has a very specific purpose and when the gear arrives at the landfill it is implemented and left to run with very little on-site support. No two setups are the same.

Their air compressors not only had to function in a very specific environment, they had to do so reliably enough where they would need very little supervision- or even better- the ability to be monitored remotely.

Working closely with the company and with Ingersoll Rand, we helped design systems specifically equipped for the unique applications.

As for the absence of support- IR’s web-based remote capabilities in conjunction with the on-board controls allow for remote troubleshooting and maintenance.  Our relationship with Ingersoll Rand enables their nationwide network of distributors and technicians to spring into action if these unique operations run into trouble that requires hands-on attention.

Speaking of unique applications- one of our air compressors even helps run a roller coaster at a popular Southern amusement park and another system is in place at a commercial laundry.

So, yeah.  Whatever your situation is, however unique it may be, we can not only meet your strange requirements- we can advise, install, maintain and troubleshoot in just about any environment.

Our staff, consultants and technicians are the best in the business and they’re just an email or a phone call away.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you’re in need of a consultation, quote, assessment or installation.  Chances are good we can help you no matter how weird your situation is.


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